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Downloading Events/Contacts

You can download events (like rides you've signed-up for) to your calendar. You can also download contact cards.

You can either

  • Download load a file, which your device should associate with the appropriate app or program.

  • Take a picture of a QR code. The QR code is convenient if you are using a computer but want the event added to the calendar used by your phone. The QR code is really just another way to download a file.

This seems to work in a fairly straight-forward manner on Android. It's a little bit more fussy on iPhones or iPads (iOS).

On iOS (IPhone or iPad), you have to use Safari for this to work. Click on the Add to Calendar button and pick the calendar you want to add the event to (there will be a check next to the selected calendar). If you want to add it to a Google calendar, the default iOS calendar app has to include your Google account.

Keep in mind that all the website is doing is downloading a file. Your computer/phone/whatever needs to have things set-up to know what to do with the downloaded file.