Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey
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E-Bike Policy

The types of E-Bikes the club allows.

It must be a Class 1 or Class 3 E-Bike.

E-Bikes eligible to participate in BTCNJ group rides must be low-speed pedal-assisted (the bike does not move without pedaling and assistance ceases at 20 mph (Class 1) or 28 mph (Class 3).

It may not utilize a throttle, meaning that it must be a Class 1 or Class 3 E-Bike.

In addition

  • E-Bike riders may participate in all group rides but should use good judgement in choosing the ride categories suited for the rider.
  • E-Bike riders who participate in group rides are responsible for knowing and following the rules for rides, with particular emphasis on observance of the prescribed ride pace.
  • The role of ride leaders remains unchanged. They are responsible for ensuring that all riders are made aware of the ride rules and their responsibility for obeying them as well as established traffic laws. Ride leaders are not responsible for determining whether a rider is using an E-Bike or what class of E-Bike a rider may be using.
  • Just as with riders on traditional bikes that participate in group rides, ride leaders have the authority to speak with any rider of an E-Bike, if, in their judgment, they feel that rider is compromising the safety of others on the ride.
  • Just as with riders on traditional bikes, this authority includes making the E-Bike rider aware of what they are doing incorrectly and to request that the E-Bike rider maintain a position at the back of the group ride or even leave the ride, if deemed warranted to ensure the safety of others.