Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey
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Club Rides

How club rides are run.

The times indicated are when the group meetsThe rides "roll" (depart) 15 minutes after the listed time. This gives people time to set-up (check their bikes, add air to their tires, etc), and sign-in.

The rides are "loop rides" (almost always) where people meet at a location and return to the same location at the end of the ride. Often, there's a stop at around the middle of the ride for lunch or a snack (unless the ride is short, like, <= 20 miles in length). People usually drive their car to the start location.

A BTCNJ club ride has a leader, who the other riders follow. Some BTCNJ rides have a sweep (a coleader) who follows the group to keep track of any riders who might be having issues staying with the group (maybe, due to a mechanical problem). Riders are expected to be inbetween the leader and the sweep.

The approximate average speed (pace) of the ride is indicated by the category (A*, A, B*, B, C*, C, and D). How flat or hilly is indicated by the terrain class.

Typically, a Ridewithgps link is posted, which provides a cuesheet (a PDF of the streets to turn on that can be printed) and a file to download to a Garmin (or other) GPS device. Some rides have a link to a cuesheet PDF on our website.

Note that leaders are not all the same person: different leaders will have different styles in how they lead a ride. If a particular leader's style doesn't work for you, try a ride led by someone else!